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Business English




Length of Schooling:Four Years


Degree: Bachelor of Arts


Time of Formulation: December 2017



Ⅰ. Educational Objectives

The specialty of Business English is intended to cultivate high-caliber professional interdisciplinary talents that can meet the needs of national and regional social and economic development. Graduates in the specialty are credited with proficient English language skills, a wide range of humanities knowledge and desirable comprehensive qualities. They ought to have a good command of basic knowledge and theories concerning international business and a sound capability of handling business matters and professional affairs. They are supposed to possess a wide international vision and be competent for cross-cultural communication and able to get involved in international business activities and accomplish general international business tasks. They can get employed by government organs, foreign affairs institutions, foreign trade companies, foreign enterprises, foreign financial agencies, business management companies, translation firms, news agencies and publishing houses, travel agencies, hotels, etc. in such jobs as business management, business translation and business negotiation or in such roles as business secretary, foreign business agent, public relation worker and tour guide. They can also work in schools or colleges as teachers or researchers.











Graduation Requirements

During the cultivation process of the students in this major, emphasize the cultivation of basic theory, basic knowledge, basic ability (skills), healthy personality, comprehensive quality and innovation spirit; create conditions for students to fully participate in the teaching reform, scientific research and social services etc. activities; advocate students to discover and develop own interest and ability, and maximize the intelligence and potential by participation, encourage students to dare to face challenges, constantly explore, strive for progress, pursue the excellence; provide the conditions to encourage students to develop the ability of work independently and team work, help students form the habit of lifelong learning and autonomous learning.

After four years of systematic study, the graduates in this major should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1.knowledge:a mastery of basic knowledge regarding the English language, an understanding of the society and culture of English-speaking countries, and a systematic command of the basic knowledge and theories regarding international business.

2.Qualities:a considerable capability of participating in international business activities and accomplishing general international business tasks; a solid and systematic command of professional knowledge and a sound ability to use English in practice; a reasonable ability to autonomously acquire and apply new knowledge, to independently analyze and solve problems, and to adapt him/herself to new working environment; basic skills in retrieving literature, searching for references and obtaining information by means of modern information technology and doing scientific research; professionalethicandinnovative consciousness.

3.Abilities:strong skills in English listening, speaking, reading writing and translating; a reasonable ability to handle business matters and professional affairs in an English context; a strong competence for cross-cultural communication.

4.Professional norms:Possess the humanities and social science literacy and social responsibility, understand and comply with the professional ethics and norms in the practic and fulfill the responsibility.

5.Team work:Undertake the role of individual, team members and the head in the team of multidisciplinary background.

6.Communication:Effectively communicate with English speakers and the social public communication, including writing reports and design documents, presentation speech, clear expression or respond to commands. Have a certain international vision, and be able to communicate under the cross-cultural background.

7.Lifelong learning:Possess the consciousness of independent learning and lifelong learning, and the ability to constantly learn and adapt to the development.



.Characteristics of the Specialty Education

This specialty is geared to cultivating high-caliber professional interdisciplinary talents skilled in both English and business. Advanced educational and pedagogical ideas are adopted to develop students’ English competence, business skills, competence for cross-cultural communication, humanistic spirit, cultural quality, and capability of autonomous learning and knowledge application.



Ⅳ.MainDiscipline for the Specialty

English Language and Literature, Economics



Ⅴ.Core Courses of the Specialty

Comprehensive Business English, Advanced Business English, English Writing, Translation Theory and Practice, An Introduction to Linguistics, A Brief History of British and American Literature and Selected Readings, Intercultural Communication, Basic Statistics, An Introduction to Management, An Introduction to Economics, International Finance, International Trade Practices and Documents, Marketing, International Business Laws, and An Introduction to Accounting



VI.CreditsRequired for Graduation

Total curricular credits are not less than 159.5 credits, practice teaching credits are at least 30.0 credits.



VII.MainComponents of Practical Teaching

Oral English, English Listening, Professional Internship, Graduation Internship, Thesis, etc.


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